Is your vehicle being cleaned and “prepped” before the bra is applied?

Most places will not spend the time to thoroughly deep clean the paint, removing impurities like dead bugs and dirt. Ignoring this important step and simply wiping down the car will could the bra to peel up and fail overtime. Remember, you are sealing your paint underneath the film. It should look as good as possible before hand which means polishing it to perfection first. 

What is the experience level of the person applying the bra?

Putting a clear bra on a vehicle takes experience and care, which we pride ourselves in. We were one of the very first shop in NJ to offer clear bra installations. Many new installers are in it to make a quick buck and then will disappear.

Where are the installations taking place?

Will your vehicle be taken to a dirty back corner of a shop or worse yet, stuck in an open car bay next to dirty mechanic equipment? This clear film material will pick up anything and everything floating through the air. If the material brushes a tool box or touches a greasy floor, that will then be locked in between your paint and the film and eventually turn yellow or cause the adhesion to fail. We have a clean, temperature controlled environment for our installations.

How much time are these “installers” spending on each job?

A good install should take 3 to 5 hours for a typical kit. However many places will rush to have your vehicle in and out in under 2 in order to get on to the next install. Have they taken all the precautions to insure a top quality job for you? Or are they rushing it to fit 3 other installs in on the same day?

Again, our shop is clean, safe, and temperature controlled. We have been installing clear bras for well over 10 years and are methodical and precise. Paint is fully prepped and cleaned before applying anything.