If you are looking for a detailing quote, it is best to stop by with your vehicle so we can see its condition. That way we have a much better idea of what level of detailing is needed.  Imaging that you wanted to get your house painted. A company would need to see the condition and size of your house before giving you an accurate quote.

We are VERY different than your local carwash cleaning center. We are an actual professional detail shop and do not work in volume. Our customers get top quality results unlike any quickie or cheap carwash. Our details generally take a full day which is a far cry from the 2 hour clean up at the carwash.

Giving set prices can be tough for a true detailing shop because the condition of vehicles can vary so greatly from one to another. Unlike the local car wash "detail shop", we base our prices on a desired level of polishing & cleaning, and the size of the vehicle. The most important factor is the starting condition of your vehicle and what it will take (time and ability) to detail to the desired level. These levels of detailing range from 1 Stage (Hand Wash & Wax, all the way up to 6 Stage Paint Correction.  We specialize in "Showroom Style" Detailing which means we detail your vehicle like its going in our high-end showroom.